House to be transformed in Hale

Transformation of existing property

Posted by Sarah Hardie on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 at 17:29:48  |  Filed under: Remodelling, Projects, Announcements

We now have planning permission to transform this 1970's dated dormer bungalow into a crisp modern home with the large expanses of glass and balconies, to make the most of the views and light. A two storey entrance hall with glass staircase and bridge at first floor linking the bedrooms, silhouetted against a full height window providing 'straight through' views of the garden and beyond the moment you enter the house. The ugly grub will soon emerge as a butterfly with no hint of what it was.

Transformation of a dated dormer bungalow.



                                                                           To a crisp modern home with large expanse of glass.


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