Planning permission granted for new luxury property in Bowdon

Planning permission granted for new luxury property in Bowdon. SEE NEWS SECTION ABOVE.

Posted by Sarah Hardie on Thursday, 31 March 2016 at 12:20:48  |  Filed under: New Houses, Projects, Announcements, General

We are delighted to have obtained planning permission for this luxury new property situated in a prime residential location in Bowdon.  The existing dwelling will be demolished to make way for what will be a stunning two and a half storey detached house.


The main reason for the construction of a new house is that the new owners wish to replace the existing dwelling with a more up to date home more suited to their current needs, and to be more environmentally efficient and sustainable.  The thermal efficiency of the new house will be far superior to the current building.


The high quality of design will not only be apparent in the thermal efficiency of the construction but also in the choice of natural materials such as stone, slate and brick.  The windows will be powder coated aluminium.  Together with this is the contemporary design of the house and the particular detailing of the features and proportions.




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