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New Build in Lymm

Posted by Sarah Hardie on Friday, 21 June 2019 at 14:58:17

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From the original sketch ..... to a visual ..... to construction!



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Who says they dont lay bricks like they used to?

Posted by Sarah Hardie on Wednesday, 23 January 2019 at 16:38:00

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It will have a more traditional front appearance with the detailed brickwork and then the rear will look more contemporary.



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Prestbury property for sale

Posted by Sarah Hardie on Wednesday, 03 October 2018 at 15:44:19

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The house was completely stripped back to the bare masonry and re-organised to provide significant accommodation. There were substantial extensions added to form garages with an office suite above, a large swimming pool and gym viewed from the dining room, and a large garden room and terrace. The entrance was re-configured to house a sweeping central staircase with wrap around galleried landing and a dome over. The swimming pool structure was added to the side of the house and the rear wall of the dining room replaced with a large plate glass window to give a full view over the pool. The gym is similarly positioned to view out to the garden over the pool behind a large window. The family living area was opened up into the garden room and houses a large kitchen, dining and sitting area and a play room arranged on different levels all to give views over the garden. Externally, the house was given a new identity by introducing cream render and buff sandstone feature windows. Brickwork was used to accentuate the chimneys and strong elements such as the two storey timber windows flanking the entrance giving the house a character. The building was already multi faceted and this was enforced with the octagonal garden room and the angled position of the garages which all add to the idiosyncrasy of the property.



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Another Award Nomination!!!

Posted by Sarah Hardie on Wednesday, 30 March 2016 at 12:23:44

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This property was commissioned as a self-build development by the owner of the land who prepared a demanding brief in terms of construction quality, style and accommodation in a sensitive Conservation Area. Sat on a relatively small site of 555m², the three and a half storey building provides 370m² of space. The style is contemporary but the construction uses traditional materials such as brick, slate and natural stone to blend into the palate of the Conservation Area. The traditional construction however, has been upgraded to provide the highest levels of insulation and air tightness so as to meet and exceed modern standards. The full basement was constructed in waterproof concrete with an additional external waterproof membrane to provide a double barrier against the ingress of water. The windows and glazed doors are all super insulated hardwood timber frames with argon filled double glazing providing air tight, sound insulating barriers against the outside world. The clean lined dark frames contrast against the rustic brickwork to emphasise the contemporary feel. The house incorporates the latest technology in terms of energy saving led lighting, insulation and heating, it also has old fashioned sustainability such as locally sourced bricks from Cumbria, stone from Macclesfield and grey water harvesting.