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Pinewood, Wilmslow


The building is situated in the Wilmslow Park Conservation Area in the former grounds of South Lodge, which is a Grade 2 Listed Building. The site’s sensitivity had resulted in several proposals by different architects being refused over the years by the planners. The Conservation Officer insisted that to be allowed, the new building should be of an equally high design to South Lodge. Our approach was that any structure on the site should not detract from or compete with the listed building next door, nor should it try to emulate or take on the style and materials so that South Lodge’s identity is maintained.

Taking all of these concerns on board, a relatively contemporary house was proposed. The shape of the house is cruciform in order to break up the mass of the building with hipped roofs to the South to maintain a low profile against the Lodge, and keep the sense of space and openness around the Lodge when viewed from Macclesfield Road or Wilmslow Park Road. On seeing the initial proposals, the Conservation Officer gave it a high commendation.

The plan is set at an angle to the boundaries to provide longer views to the corners of the site, and to respect the root protection line. The feature gable and entrance give the design interest, and this statement gives the house its own identity and individual character which together with the high quality of materials in its construction, maintains a calibre that fits its position adjacent to the strong features of South Lodge.