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Queensbury, Prestbury

The house sits on an elevated site above the village of Prestbury giving an opportunity for an architectural statement. A ‘French Chateau’ was felt appropriate in evoking the Victorian Romantic Revival styles of the 19th Century to balance against the recent rash of ‘Arts and Crafts’ clones in the area.

The external materials are typical of the area but still evoke the finish and texture of a French Chateau. Blue slate for the roof, natural stone and cream render for the walls and feature work. The interior spaces are designed to match the chateau’s external style with a large baronial entrance hall and substantial principle rooms. The ancillary spaces to the master suites such as dressing rooms and en-suites have been positioned so as to maintain the clean and simple proportions of the main bedrooms. The property has the latest technology embedded in the design and traditional features have been adapted to suit the requirements of modern luxury living.